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Our Company, Global Connections, was founded in 2017,  which is managed by a group of Marketing Professionals known as the HBA Success Team Support Group, has partnered with the best marketing companies and now offers many different selections of quality Marketing Services. We currently offer marketing services such as  Business Building Services, Targeted Website Traffic Services, Classified Website Services, and Custom Campaign Services to deliver the most needed business solutions to large and small sized businesses.

Learn More About Our Mission…..

Our mission is to provide your business with an easy to use community based  platform that offers value to your development and to your business goals. We strive to provide you with the tools and services to boost your business potential and also offers dedicated support.  The services and tools that we offer you will all be accessible within the My Dashboard section.  It takes just a few seconds to register an account and start taking advantage of our free services and gaining access to our community. With our services you can reach your target audience faster and more efficiently and gain an unlimited business growth potential.  Join our mission today!

If you’d like to get in touch with us feel free to drop us a line. For any questions visit our FAQ Section.